Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Release Challenge Journal Day 1 to Day 5

I got confused- Day 1 and Day 2 were posted on Silver's blog at the same time. Day 1 was just about how it works and Day 2 was when I was supposed to clean the floor. I did Day 2 on Day 1. Oops. Since I was ahead, I made Day 2 a spa day. I took a long shower, trimmed my hair, and then tried a facial I found on Pinterest. It's the DIY pore strip one. The recipe is just two things, unflavored gelatin and milk. First, I thought it was wasteful. I used ONE small packet of gelatin and only needed less than a third of it. A little bit goes a long way here. I barely used any milk. Second, it sets fast as in as soon as I added the milk I had a paste without stirring. I found a note on Pinterest suggesting microwaving the mix for ten seconds and that DID make it more liquid but it also made it HOT. Another note said not to put it on your eyebrows. The stuff is like Krazy Glue and I think it could be really effective unwanted hair removal, so be warned. Third, it's hard to peel off. It doesn't really make a nice neat strip. It's more like peeling skin from a sunburn. Only a bit at a time lifts off. After peeling and peeling and peeling, I had to scrub the last of it off with a wash cloth. Finally, it left my skin red. Certainly, my pores are clear. But I think the top layer of skin cells are gone. I don't think I'll repeat this and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they had a serious acne problem.

Other things I'd like to not repeat- my mother is so negative. I went to visit my parents just like I do every Sunday. Mom was in a bad mood. I don't know what set her off, but she was mad at the world. My mother is not the most positive of people anyway. All my life I have been suffering from her anger. She used to get angry with my father and beat me with a switch. She needs anger management therapy. She is very passive aggressive. All evening she made snide little comments. When I left, I was mad too. I was particularly annoyed at the gas station because I couldn't get to the pump I wanted. Suddenly I realized my mother's negative energy had infected me. And this happens nearly every week. I usually come home with a splitting headache. I try hard to keep negative people out of my life, but I don't know how I can avoid my own mother.

On the third day, the challenge was to clean all flat surfaces. I dusted the whole house, then said a chant after I cleaned each space:
"Trinka 5, Trinka 5
Ancient Spirits come alive
Money grow and money thrive
Spirits of the Trinka 5"
Part of Day 3's challenge was to clean doors. I skipped this because I had just cleaned, warded, and hung mirrors on the doors a week ago. I wanted to polish my big brass dragon, but I was utterly out of polish. I felt like I should really work with dragon energy, so I designed a needlepoint dragon. It's not finished because I had to go to work, so more on that later.

Day 4, I awoke with a low sugar. And then Kurt hogged the computer. I didn't get online all day. I did say my chants, and since I knew the challenge would be about junk drawers (which I don't have), I cleaned all my kitchen drawers. I'd like to go through my dresser, but I think that will have to wait.

I didn't check my email until I was at work. There is some kind of Internet Physics Law which states the longer you are offline the more important the email. I got comments and an Etsy conversation. Now if I had signed on first thing Tuesday morning nobody would have wanted to talk to me. And yes, Kat, there is a link

Now- I'm off the read Day 5. I will probably have another updated journal entry this weekend.

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