Sunday, November 11, 2012

No Time Is the Right Time

It is simply ridiculous how little time I have now since I went back to work. I thought I was getting great hours but no- I'm coming up short on the Witchcraft end of things.

Before I started this job, I had nice days. I'd get up, contemplate how I felt and what I wanted to do, then I'd sort of amble about, maybe do some spellwork, wash dishes, sew, garden, read Tarot, start a load of laundry, go for a was all very pleasant.

Today I wanted to garden. It had become very important to me to BE The Witch of This Place. I had lots of ideas. But I had to work tonight. On Saturday. My only be-alone-day.

I did garden. I wanted to start new projects, but the land told me I must maintain what I already have. So I pulled weeds, watered, doled out fertilizer, and mulched. Then I hobbled to the porch because I keep forgetting I'm not 19 anymore. Kurt raked leaves and after a not long enough rest for my 35 year old diabetic body, I helped him. We are not winning the leaf battle. Not even close.

Already tired and sore, I went to work. I have to go back to pick up Kurt. Tomorrow we're both off. But I have to cook. And do laundry. And visit my parents. Then suddenly it will be Monday. There are no Tarot cards in my future.

The land tells me to be patient- it will wait for me. I feel like an abject failure of a Witch. What kind of a Witch doesn't have time to light candles?

I have to leave soon. I'm going to schedule some Silent Sunday posts. Not sure how well it will work because Blogger doesn't always post when I tell it to. Also, I like to blog about what's on my mind. Every time I write ahead, something happens that I either must blog about or the event makes my preplanned post look trivial.

Bear with me; I'm trying.

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