Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thank the Goddess for Candle Petitions!


I also got my first decent paycheck, I was able to pay HughesNet, and I have a sewing job so I get to dust off the sewing machine! Wheeee!

I still have all the pups, but Charlene was adopted via craigslist and much to my surprise the person who came for her was someone I knew. In fact, she was the perfect person to adopt Charlene, she's older, has a house and two other dogs, and she has no children so she is devoted to her pets. She immediately started talking about all the ways she would care for Charlene so I put Charlene in the SUV and away they went. Yay!

Kevin got a call back on a job. They thanked him for his application and he should be getting an interview soon. We hope.

I finally have a day off. I was scheduled to work all weekend. Whew.

And I got an Etsy sale!

Thanks to all who felt bad for me, lit candles, said prayers, hexed the scrap yard or whatever wonderful thing you did, IT WORKED! Thank you!