Friday, June 10, 2011

Sorry, Guys

I woke at 5:30am with a low sugar. For those of you who are not diabetic, that means I woke up hot, skin clammy, and heart pounding. I ate some chocolate I keep by my bed, and when my sugar came up, I felt cold, drained, and exhausted. I slept another 4 hours. When I got up, my sugar had dropped again. I spent most of today feeling like crap on toast and being unable to think. Thus, I never wrote my kitchen witch post.

I also got paid today. I didn't make very much. I am working a lot of screwed up hours for damn little money. I can't keep going like this. Someone go buy everything in my etsy shop (or zazzle, I'm not picky) so I'll be able to get through this week. Please.

Tomorrow I'll try again. Maybe if I get off to a better start I'll have coherent thoughts.

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