Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kitchen Witch Tips

1. Try to start each day with magick. I'm really not very good at this, but when I manage it I have an easier day. You can say a prayer, light a candle, ask for messages, or do a spell.

2. Make up your bed as soon as you get out of it so nothing can take up residence in your bed or harm you while you sleep. Make a dream pillow, start a dream journal, hang a dream catcher, or keep an angel statue nearby.

3. Rugs are the most forgotten magickal item in the house, especially if it is handmade. Place herbs or slips of paper with runes or spells under a rug to activate magick every time you walk on it.

4. I'm a little ashamed to admit I did this, but it totally works. Kevin tends to be mad with everything when he has a bad day. During one particularly stressful time at work, I got tired of being on the receiving end of his negativity. While I was making his tea, I got an idea. I poured sugar into the pitcher and said, 'Kevin, you will be sweet to me.' Then I made the tea as usual. He drank one glass and went to bed. The next morning he was sooooo nice! I asked my friend if I interfered in Kevin's free will. She said no, I acted in self-defence. I've never told Kevin about the sugar spell and I don't do it every time. It's just sometimes I've got enough to deal with, ya know?

5. Here's another one that always works: Whenever something is lost, pray to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost items. 'Tony, Tony, come around, something's lost that can't be found.' I've even used this to get a signal on the satellite. And I always tell St. Anthony 'thank you' after I find what I'm looking for.

6. This is the storm protection spell I have on my house: I keep an old ceramic pot filled with stones on the porch. Every 3 months or so, I wash the pot and stones. As I place the stones back into the pot, I ask each stone to protect my home and all who reside in it from storms. We've survived hail, high winds, serve thunderstorms, and tornadoes.

7. Grow your own food. Nothing is more magickal than planting, harvesting, and cooking homegrown tomatoes. Plus they taste better. If gardening scares you, start small with one or two plants in a container then expand every year. Don't worry about how to grow it, just give it some water and see what happens. I've grown a lot of things I 'wasn't supposed to' because I live in the 'wrong zone'. Just grow whatever you like. I started off with flowers and herbs. My first garden had mint, mini roses, marigolds, peppers, and aloe- all in containers on a table in the front yard.

8. I like to banish problems. On Saturday I write down everything that is bothering me. Everything. Big problems and small, personal problems and world affairs. I burn the paper in my cauldron. I can't solve all my problems this way, but a lot of them seem to just go away. (Still working on the diabetes thing; I'm not giving up.)

9. There are many ways to banish as you go throughout your day. Sweep away from you. Peel away. Before you close the lid on the washing machine say, 'all my problems are washed away!' When you throw out trash, let go of anger too.

10. There are equally as many ways to draw energy toward you. Smooth out the bed covers toward your body. Every time you tie a knot, imagine you are tying good things like luck and happiness to you. When you come home from the grocery store imagine that with each item placed in the cabinet, you are placing abundance and wealth into your home.

11. Stir clockwise to bring good energy and counter-clockwise to release. I try to release high sugar and stir in good health. Counter-clockwise is a great direction when you're on a diet.

12. I like to cast circles. I cast circles around my house, my truck, my pets, and myself. I cast circles around my plants to help them grow. I lay my jewelry in small stone circles to charge it.

13. I never bring junk mail into the house. Junk mail is a waste on every level- paper, time, energy, and it usually insults me. I have a trash can in the storage room and that's where all the junk mail goes.

14. Never, never, never cook when you are upset. Every single time I cook when I'm angry, I either ruin the dish or make a huge mess.

15. Plan ahead. It is far easier to grab a spell bottle than to wait for the planets to align. When I harvest my herbs, I think about correspondences and I try to have a spell for every occasion- banishing, prosperity, healing, love and I make the spell at the right time. Spells will keep. I label all my bottles with the type of spell and ingredients in case I need to make more (or adjust the recipe) I also like to tie ribbons around the bottles so I know at glance what I have in stock.

16. The best way to clean a bottle is with hot soapy water and a bottle brush. Bottles brushes are fairly cheap and can be found with the baby bottles at the grocery store. To dry a bottle, wash it, then place it upside down in the oven on the oven's lowest setting. It should be dry within half an hour. Turn the oven off and let the bottle cool over night, or remove it carefully with a pair of tongs. I only reuse glass bottles. SOME plastic bottles MAY withstand the heat of an oven and some may not. I'd rather not guess.

17. I started using herbs in spells by buying spices at the dollar store. I'd buy whatever caught my eye, then research the correspondences. I used a pendulum to determine what spices to use together and I still use most of the recipes today.

18. If I could only recommend one item to a kitchen witch, it would be lemons. Lemons banish negative energy and they are very cleansing on a mundane level. Heat lemon juice in the microwave then wipe the microwave clean with a rag and the warm juice. Pour lemon juice in the mop bucket (or vinegar) to clean the floor. Add lemon juice to the pet's bathwater to kill fleas. Dab lemon juice on your skin to heal acne or to be rid of warts. Pour lemon juice down the drain to be rid of bad smells.

19. Speaking of fleas, if you have an infestation, sprinkle salt around the room. Wait 24 hours then vacuum. No more fleas! This only kills the flea and not the egg so you'll need to repeat the process in a week. I would do it every week for at least a month.

20. To kill ants use cooking spray. I spray my humming bird feeders with it.

21. Remember that magick is all around all the time. You can do any spell you want. You don't need a spell book, you need creativity and a strong desire to succeed.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Thanks for sharing your ideas and practices. I've never heard of the pot of stones "charm", but I have a little shrine on my patio full of stones... Hmmm...

Just a thought - you should try to recycle the junk mail!

FreeDragon said...

Hmmm, that's a good idea. Usually I just want it gone, so that's why I throw junk mail away. I guess I could start putting it in the fire pit and that would be another chance to banish negativity.

nefaeria said...

Lots of great advice there, thanks! :D