Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That's It?

So yesterday was my interview. I was really excited and hopeful. I had already applied online, so I thought this interview would be where they told me about Job X.

Instead I signed some release forms- agreeing to drug/background screenings, I filled out a few more forms, and I wrote my social security number about 5,000 times.

That was it.

It took longer to drive there than to 'interview'. Other people, who had not applied online, where filling out piles of paperwork and one poor soul told me he had been in there TWO HOURS, he had another interview at noon, and he didn't think he would make it on time because he was only halfway done. This was at 10:30am. I was in and out in under 30 minutes. In fact, I parked beside a woman who gave someone a ride and she was really annoyed that I came much later but got out sooner.

I think my energy is still a bit stuck. But at least I got an interview. Maybe if I go burn more incense...

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Just A Gal said...

Oh my, darlin'. Remind me not to bitch right now because I have a (low paying) job. I have been where you and others are, and it's no fun. Glad you were smart enough to apply online. Bummer there was no real "interview" to speak of.