Monday, May 23, 2011

OMG What Have I Agreed To?

Kevin and I decided I would work my new job 90 days. This satisfies my agreement with the temp agency and it gives me the chance to make and save a tidy sum. 90 days is about the length of summer. Doing something for a season isn't too bad. And I think 90 days on second shift is about all I can handle.

It's a 12 hour shift. Sometimes. Depends on production. Could be 8. Could be 11. But not more than 12. Tomorrow I get actual job training (today I got to watch boring safety videos) and I am assuming to make it more like a real work day, I am starting at 6:15am. Okay, I've had to start work at 6am for many years, no big deal.

The trick to going to work so early is to do as much as possible the night before. Before bed, I need to shower, lay out my clothes, have my lunch packed, have the coffee pot ready, the dog bowls filled, and figured out what I will be doing after work so I can prep for these activities as well. I'm going to the library after work. I grabbed some books that are due and thought, I need to leave the house at 5...

Then it hit me.

No, the plant is on EASTERN time. I am on CENTRAL time. That means I need to BE AT WORK AT 5:15am.

I dropped the books.

Holy shit. I need to leave the house at FOUR IN THE MORNING.

OMG. What time am I getting up?


Are you seeing the problem here? I'm in for one looooonnnnnnnggggggggg day. Very long.

It's 8:15pm right now and I should be in bed at this moment in order to get enough sleep.

I have only completed 1 day of 90 fucking days.

Suddenly, it seems way too hard. My body is already rebelling. My mind has pulled the nice covers over my head.

Another part of me is inspired to find a better job, heck, a job closer to the house, so I don't have to do 90 days.

Oh my god.

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Dreaming of Jeanie said...

Oh, wow. There is having to get up early to get to work, and then there is having to cross a time zone to get there! That seems so crazy to me! I dunno what to say though...I guess just do your best with this job until another one comes up so you're still employed the entire time?? Keep your chin up, darlin'.