Thursday, May 19, 2011

more pros or more cons?

I have good news and bad news. The good news is I spent a lot of time worrying about things that won't even affect me. Whew.

The bad news is there are problems with this job that I didn't even think about.

First, I don't know if I even have the job. I probably do, but I don't have a start date or a uniform. If I have the job, I will get my shirt tomorrow. But that means burning MORE gas driving into town.

The company is located in Chambers County. I live in Tallapoosa. Yes, Chambers and Tallapoosa are right next to each other, but this company is clear on the other side and no where close to my house. Strike one.

The hours are horrid. How long I work each day would depend on making production. Right now people are doing 11 to 12 hours. Very bad. Lots of overtime. Good. Be able to pay bills and save money. Good. Spend waaaaay too much on gas. Bad.

It's second shift. Very, very, very bad. Kevin works 1st shift so we would share the same abode but never see each other. BAD. I have not worked 2nd shift in YEARS. Every time I change my routine, my sugar gets wonky. I JUST got it in a nice stable range and now I have to screw with things. Bad. Very bad.

It's a Korean owned company. I have never worked for Koreans so I'm not sure what that is like. But, and this is important, it seems to be the kind of place where you do you job and go home, which is what I wanted.

There's a longer lunch, and more breaks in general. That's good. Yes, they're strict, but they seem to treat people better.

It's metal fab. The company makes car parts. It is the cleanest plant I have ever been in and that is a huge plus for me. There was no dust. No grease. I'm telling you, the floor was clean enough to eat off of.

And then there are small things that I really liked. The parking lot is huge. At my old job, the parking sucked because there were more employees than spaces and the lot itself was tiny. Lots of cars got dings. We also had a problem with robberies and theft. This place has security, lights, fencing, and a gate.

The break room was really nice. They had a big screen tv and ping pong tables. It was very clean. My old job had more employees than tables, microwaves that didn't work, and moldy food in the vending machines. We had ant and roach infestations. There was no tv. The only entertainment were magazines which people drew on and ripped pages out of.

Everybody in the plant takes breaks at the same time. What's good about that is it cuts down on laziness. It's not possible for someone to take a smoke break every half hour. What's bad is you never get to be alone.

I need steel toe boots which I don't have. I haven't needed steel toes in years. I don't want to buy boots I can't really afford if I'm not going to stay with this job. But if I get another factory job, I might need boots anyway. But I'm also annoyed with the agency for sending me out to a plant without considering my qualifications. I said I wanted 1st shift and they are giving me second and I said not more than 30 miles from the house and this is closer to 45. Plus, every time they call me, they call my cell. I told them to call my house, but that makes the call long distance for them. The cell doesn't pick up well out here so I've already missed a few calls and I am now out of air time, but I can't really afford more. I feel like they just send everyone to the same place. It's not just me. A woman in orientation today can't work second shift because of her children and this was the second time the temp agency sent her out on a night shift job. What was the point of filling out all that damn paperwork if no one reads it?

I'm still debating. I could do it for a while, but I sure don't want to do it very long. Kevin and I are going to discuss it. If I even have the job.

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Diandra said...

Good luck, may things turn out the way you need it!