Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

When I got fired, I was told my insurance would only last until the end of the month. This didn't make much sense to me. Everywhere else I've worked, I had around 60 days after I left the job. The idea being to give the employees coverage until they found a new job.

But I didn't question it. Maybe I should have.

I went to the doctor last week (I'm fine, thanks, just a check up) Saturday, I had an email from the insurance company. Every time I file a claim- buy insulin or see a doctor, I get a little report stating what was paid and if I owe anything. This is standard procedure.

But since I'm not supposed to have insurance, why did they email me?

Part of me wants to call. Part of me is afraid the insurance company made a mistake and if I call I'll lose coverage. Another part of me is sure I was lied to.

I decided to hedge my bets. I filed two Rx's this morning. If I still have coverage, I'll be reimbursed. If I don't have insurance, Blue Cross will figure it out in a hurry and not pay me. Either way, I'll find out if I have insurance.

I really hope the email was a mistake. Because if it wasn't, the company tried to keep insurance benefits from a diabetic. See why I hate the place?

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