Friday, April 22, 2011

The Witch of this Place- Renewing Myself

I have been depressed lately. Yesterday, I got tired of being depressed. I decided I needed to be renewed. I wrote out some goals/projects/affirmations. I decided today would be an excellent time to start renewing. And when I got online, I saw a cool little picture on Google, which reminded me that today is Earth Day.
How did I forget about that? Could there be a better time to shape my life and claim my place? Awesome!

My goal was to greet the sun every morning at sunrise. Didn't happen this morning due to a low sugar. But it's okay, the sun will be outside all day. Part of being a witch is knowing how to work around problems. I went out at 7 with my coffee, sat on my steps, and thanked the sun for its heat, healing, and light. I bowed to the sun and had the distinct impression the sun bowed back.

I sat quietly, observing my front yard. I can smell honeysuckle. Birds are everywhere. I love the birds, they eat the bugs! My snapdragons are in full bloom. There is nothing more green than my mint (favorite garden plant, btw). My eggplants and tomatoes are slowly getting taller and thicker.

While I was sitting, one of my neighbors drove by. The most astounding thing happened- he waved. I don't think he's ever waved. But he did today and I waved right back. Magick is afoot! I feel like I can rule the world from my porch.

My focus today is on the wind. I think of wind as air, east (the direction of new beginnings), breath, and sweeping. So my project today is to make a broom. I never made one, but it looks simple enough. If all goes well, I may never buy another one because damn, brooms are expensive! I am releasing unpleasant odors, so that means burning incense (sandalwood) and mopping the floor. My affirmation for today is 'I let the Winds of Change cleanse and empower me.'

I also have a candle to burn. I'd like to burn one candle every day. Right now I am using plain white tea lights, but eventually I would like some little colored votives. Scent would be nice too.

Later, I'll post about my day and if anything unusual happened, like another unfriendly neighbor suddenly becoming cheerful. If you want to follow along, that's great, but please don't feel like you have to do exactly what I'm doing. Do what is right for you in your place. Maybe it's still cold where you live. In that case, you might want to focus on the sun instead of the wind.

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