Saturday, April 23, 2011

Witch of this Place- Fire

Yesterday's focus was Wind. And it was very windy. I took a short nap and heard the wind whispering to me. All sorts of information rides on the wind, and if you listen you will begin to know things.

I never did make my broom; none of the materials I had on hand seemed right. So I'm going to let the project simmer on the back burner of my mind until the right materials are present. Everything else on my list went well. I stuck to my diet, I did my household chores, and overall I had more energy and focus.

Today's focus is Fire- the cleansing, healing power of fire. To me fire represents south, heat, sex, and power. Today's project is to build a fire pit. I am releasing anything that is hazardous to me. Again, I have incense and a candle. My affirmation is I let the Power of Fire rebirth me.

Again, I sat on my front porch. Again I greeted the sun and heard the birds. No one drove by. The day seems a little muted to me. It's cloudy (but I did see the sun after greeting him), the birds aren't singing as loudly, and I can't smell the honeysuckle. But I feel sure that going outside every morning is a very important thing to do.

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