Friday, April 1, 2011

This is what I won't do

I've been looking for ways to be more efficient in sewing. I really love hand quilting, but it takes forever. I've thought about what to offer in my shop. I'm thinking about how much time to devote to sewing. I've cleaned up the sewing room. All expect for my desk. I have a problem with finishing things. Now I have a bunch of odds and ends in a pile with just enough room for me to type. While I'm in fear of my desk collapsing, I like the way the rest of the room looks. Aside from the big pile by the computer, the room has a very minimalist look. The sewing machine in particular draws me- I put all my tools, rulers, scissors, accessories, into the drawers. Nothing up top but pins. It looks more professional.

During this sewing room re-arrangement, my mind must have decided it needed a good shifting too. I had a strange dream about sewing. I was walking in open pastures and I met another artist who wanted to trade her paintings for my sewing. She had bought a little stuffed horse from my shop. The horse was covered in embroidery- flowering vines and hearts. She wanted more. Then someone was stealing from me and I had to steal all my things back. Everything that I made in the dream was an animal and all were covered with beautiful embroidery.

I spent yesterday afternoon drawing. I drew buffalo with symbols of abundance, horses with paisley patterns, and a dolphin with dreams. I'm still planning. Normally when I have an idea, I start work immediately. This time I'm drawing, thinking, letting the ideas simmer while I finish a few projects. I need to step back to make sure things are going to work.

I haven't yet settled on what I will do, but I can let go of some things. No more rugs. I wanted to sell some in my shop, but it takes way too long and I'm not that great at making them. Anything I crochet will be for my personal use. This is another too time-consuming task. I had thought about making jewelry but this is not something I'm passionate about. I have one necklace listed and it seems out of place. Jewelry making is fairly quick, but if I drag my feet about making anything I'm wasting time.

Today will be more drawing. And studying symbolism. I just figured it out- I'm trying to make decorative spell objects/animal totems. I wouldn't have grasped the idea if I hadn't taken the time to write about what's going on.

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