Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Same, But Different

Ever imagine your ideal job? Mine is working for myself. I pictured a nice shop in historic downtown. I'd sell fabric I made and I would have custom orders.

The reality is I have an Etsy shop, not a brick and mortar store. I have lots of things for sale, but not many sales. My shop is stored in my closet. And today I did get a custom order. I have spent all day on it and I am yet to sew a single stitch.

I am trying to boost sales. I think it might help if I am more active in the Etsy community- marking items as favorites, replying to discussions, chat rooms, that sort of thing. So this morning I replied to a thread on a discussion. Which led to someone inquiring about what fabric I had. Then we got into me making an altar cloth. Cool.

I don't know what I'm making.

We just settled color about an hour ago. I'm waiting on dimensions so I can draw a pattern. Eventually, I hope, we'll get to price. And maybe, hopefully, Goddess willing, we'll agree on price and I can start work.

I check the board. I reply. I go sew other projects. I check the board. I think. I snap pics. I wait. I sew something else hoping I can sell later. I check the board. I reply. I wait some more.

All day.

I kinda thought that a custom order would be someone saying, 'Love this, but could you make a red one?' Of course, they would pay immediately. As I was making the red one, someone would order a blue one. Then I would have a few fabric or quilt sales.

I've been sewing for extra money for years now. But it has never been my sole source of income. It's never been my job. I've never had to breathe life into it, worry over it, wonder if I'll make money or not, basically, I've never had make an opportunity out of absolutely nothing.

Today is the same as if I had a real store. I would boost sales. I'd remind customers I was still in business. I'd think of ways to promote my store and services. But boy, is this different.

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