Monday, March 28, 2011

The Witch of This Place- Essay 1

I've been thinking about what I could do to really be the witch of Tallapoosa. I decided first I should determine what is special/unique here:

1. Lots and lots of cemeteries. I counted over 70 on the map. So working with the dead would be high on the list.

2. The Tallapoosa River. Water magick.

3. Boundaries and control. When the dam was built, the water backed up more than estimated. It went into the Turner family barn. As a result, the Turners became rich. Another big player here is Alabama Power. There's also several places under the control of 'Forever Wild', an organization that wishes for much of Alabama to be left undeveloped. It goes without saying, land on the river/lake is very expensive. Everybody wants waterfront property. However, in the winter time, Alabama Power lowers the water level by ten feet, leaving some places muddy and bare. If the water is the main force here, then the witch should understand the full extent of her power and when and how to use it.

4. Between places. In Alabama, all waterways are open to the public. This means you can wade through a creek, even if it crosses private property. The water allows you to go places you ordinarily wouldn't be allowed to access. Due to the drop in water levels, some places are dry land in winter and wet in summer. These places 'shift' from one realm to another. The witch needs an understanding of shifting reality.

5. History. Tallapoosa County is an old place. It has seen war, the collapse of towns and industry, birth and death. Only by understanding what has happened here can the witch know what is to come.

There are probably more things inherent to this place, these are just the main 5. Most of these issues already call to me. Last year I had a strong desire to explore all the cemeteries. I still feel that pull, as if the dead are calling me. Cemetery work would help me with issue 1 and 5, along with connecting me to the Goddess Oya, who rules all cemeteries and whom I already worship. I have always loved the river. Sometimes the river calls me, too. One thing I like about living here is the wildness. I can drive for miles without seeing power lines. Sometimes the land calls to me. So even before I decided to devote myself to here, most of the tools were in place to succeed.

What I'm hoping to accomplish is a strong tie to my home- I draw my power source from the land to protect this place and myself. I'm looking to create a loop where we exist in harmony and support of each other. In my next essay, (which may or may not be my next post) I want to talk about ley lines- what they are, how I use them, and how many cross near my house.

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Chrysalis said...

This is really inspiring. I am motivated to explore my own county in the same manner. Excellent insight!