Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Claiming My Space in this Place

I started a post earlier today about how I feel adrift and directionless. It became so bitter and angry that I had to walk away. Apparently I have some issues to face before I can get anywhere.

I did a clarity spell. Then I felt bored and restless so I started cleaning my sewing room. I really started looking at things in here- what's useful? Do I like this stuff?

I decided the ojos had to go.

I made four ojos years ago. I have never been able to find a use for them. Sure, they're nifty spell objects, but they didn't really call to me. I made them to learn a new craft, not for any purpose. They looked okay, not great. Nobody wanted to buy them. I couldn't think of anyone to give them to. I didn't really know anybody that liked/used ojos.

Time to recycle.

As I snipped up the cobweb covered thread for scrim, I realized the colors had faded a good bit. One had a bright green back and a sickly green front. Oh yeah, that's gotta go.

After the ojos became scrim and firewood, I took a good look at the shelf they were hanging from. The shelf is fugly. I'm assuming the previous tenant, who had no carpentry skills what so ever, decided to make a piece of scrap wood into a shelf. And obviously they salvaged the brackets because they weren't the right size to support the shelf which tilted downward.

I'm been wanting to replace my fugly shelf with nice shelves. I've been picturing nice wood grain and decorative brackets. I haven't had extra money, so this has been a maybe-one-day dream. But after getting rid of faded crap, the shelf was really bothering me. Suddenly I realized I had nice brackets in my storage room. And I have paint. Aha!

Fugly is currently laying in the living room getting a make-over. I had exactly the right amount of brackets. And if I move the shelf up, then later I'll have room to add new shelves.

So what has my clarity spell taught me? That I have everything I need to get what I want. I just need to look at things with a fresh eye.

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