Monday, February 14, 2011

Want a Good Answer?

While I was out today, I picked up an application to my favorite craft store because heck, the starting pay is only a dollar less than I make now. Which tells you we never get cost of living raises.

I agreed to all their terms, signed my name, and started filling out the employment history section. Then I came to that dreaded question-

Reason for leaving?

Crap. What am I supposed to say? Boss is a dickhead? Boy, THAT will go over well. Should I be painfully honest? Disagreement with supervisor? No, sounds like I have a problem with authority. Which I do. Aaarrrggghhhhh. Health issues? That's sort of true, but it makes me sound unfit to do anything and on the verge of filing for disability. Hhhhhmmmmm.

I had to walk away for a while. I thought about how difficult this really is. I'm not going to look good whether I get fired or I quit. I will have to answer this question again and again. How long will it be before the blackness is gone?

I thought about going back. That's the easy route. I can stay until I find something else. Except, well, I know I won't bother to look again. It's too easy to go to the same stupid job day after day. After a while I become numb. Then I'm too tired to fight. Finally I become accustomed to being depressed and fail to register the rut I've fallen into. I forget I have choices.

I can't go back.

I can't stay in a place where I have to watch everyone all the time in case some innocent remark is twisted and used against me. I don't want to lock my desk every time I leave my office for a coffee break. I don't like having headaches. I don't like feeling anxious and tense. I hate the way my bosses try to belittle me. I hate the rules and the uniforms. I hate not being allowed to wear earrings and nail polish. I must get out of this pit!

Why can't I have a job I like, doing something...


Reason for leaving- Want a job that matches my hobbies and interests.

Now that's a good answer.

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Jeanne said...

Perfect answer!!! I hope you get the job of your dreams!