Friday, February 11, 2011

Sounds Like a Plan

I have started planning my garden :)
Yesterday I drew a map, complete with a plant legend on the back. Then I came home, dragged out my Encyclopedia of Country Living 10th Edition by Carla Emery and started making notes. Kevin came home, I asked what he liked to eat, and I ended up with a whole other section. Now I need to redraw my map. Ah, heaven!
I love the planning stage. I make piles of notes, drawings, and lists. I look at moon phases, think about watering, wonder how much garden art I should have, worry about running out of pots, stare at my seed packets...oh!
I am lugging the whole pile to work today so whenever I have an idea or spare moment I can indulge. To me it's a Zen experience of connecting to my element. The purpose of this year's garden is to grow more food. I tried last year, but it wasn't very successful since I was struggling with diabetes. I think this year will be much better. I did get some food, so I feel encouraged to try harder. If all goes well I might try canning. My mother used to can when I was a little girl. I had to wash all the jars. I also spent a lot of time stirring tomato chili. I was too short to reach the pot so I stood on a chair. My mother said while I was stirring she was busy with household chores, but I think she was reading romance novels. My parents are all about delegating.
Hopefully this weekend I can get out and measure, refine my plans, and maybe mark off beds.
(Sigh of contentment)

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Chrysalis said...


I am a lousy gardener, but I plan every year anyway! Not as well as you do, but I try! LOL!

This year the only plan I have so far is to put up a privacy fence. Then, I can plan based on how much this changes the sunlight in the garden area. Maybe I'll get some tomatoes or beans. I have managed to grow those so far!

Will we get pictures?