Sunday, February 13, 2011

Growing Pumpkin

I have almost decided not to go back. I filed my taxes yesterday and I am getting a big refund. I finished a sewing job and that will give me an extra $120. I can see some logic to returning, but I don't think I can swallow much more bullshit.

Kevin and I have talked and talked. He wants me to file a complaint with the Board of Labor because lots of people are late/leave early all the time and no one enforces the rules on them. He doesn't think it will do any good to send my notebook to the CEO. He thinks it will be swept under the rug. He reminded me of my previous office mate quiting last year. She went upstairs and complained several times to no avail. In that situation too, Bill was the problem. The last straw was when the printer broke. She asked him to fix it. He didn't. At the last minute he got another printer. Then it was almost time to go, and she wasn't finished with her work and he told her she couldn't leave. He started yelling at her. She couldn't take it anymore so she left. No one ever said anything to Bill even though it is unprofessional to yell at an employee.

I started my garden yesterday. It is too early to plant, but I started clearing grass. It felt good to be in the dirt.

My house is clean. I feel better. I stopped drinking so much coffee. My sugar is good. Even my skin looks better.

So what do you think Readers? Go or stay?

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Chrysalis said...

GO! It sounds like your gut is already telling you to go and I am a firm believer in following your gut. Nothing is worth the personal stress you are going through with this job! I don't know what the unemployment situation is in your state, but put a good spell behind it and I'm sure you will find work.

Best of luck. It will all be ok!