Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wading Around the Pile

I have a lot on my mind, so forgive me for rambling all over the place.

Despite my best efforts, at times the house rebels. Refusing order, my house opens the door wide to chaos. It starts with the cans of diet coke (which btw, is highly addictive and you should never, ever drink it). The cans appear on my desk (4 at the moment), on the dinning table (2), beside the couch (1), and on the kitchen counter (lost count, but probably more than 7). Oddly enough, there are no cans of diet coke in the fridge. I buy so much of the stuff, that when I go to my local store just for gas or milk, Dwayne says, "You forgot your drinks!" I think Dwayne is my dealer cleverly disguised as a gas station attendant.

Next the dishes multiply. They follow the coke cans. A coffee cup here, another cup Kevin drank out of, and whatever cup I'm carrying around because coffee is my vice. Coffee is so much my vice that I've turned it into a virtue, almost a religion. I love me some coffee, black strong, and scalding hot. Kevin does well to get 2 cups down.

Suddenly the dishes hop out of the cabinet and pile themselves in the sink. I don't cook that much, so where are the dishes coming from? I believe my dishes have twins residing in a parallel universe. Each day they visit their siblings, returning only after the sink is empty.

I have schedules, plans, ways to keep the house running. But somehow the house squats down and wallows in filth. I'll do a little here and there, wash some dishes, some clothes, then I'm tired, so I start watching 'Sex and the City'. Before I know it the day is over, the floor needs sweeping, dog hair is floating to the corners, and there are no clean towels.

My sewing projects also pile up. I have one PAYING project due tomorrow and I haven't even started. Know why? I've got to clean off the table. Can't cheat and work on the dinning table- coke cans, coffee cups, and a few sticky spots of unknown origin.

I'm sitting here amid cans and empty spools with my empty cup. What I really want to do is go outside and dye fabric. I've been reading about Imbolc and SNAKES. I am afraid of snakes. Not deathly afraid, I can handle them if I need to, but whenever I see one my heart flips over. I used to have horrible nightmares about snakes. Twice, in 2 different English classes, my nightmare has earned me great grades. Maybe that will be my Imbolc post. But I've rambled too far. Anyway, what I have read is that Imbolc is an earth (not fire) celebration and on Febraury 2nd, people stomp the ground to wake up the snakes, let them know Spring is coming. This makes far more sense to me than the 'quickening in the womb' analagy. Imbolc is the 4am wake-up call.

So previously, another thing I read was Brighid blessing cloth on Imbolc. I decided I wanted to design some fabric just for Imbolc. I spent a long time thinking of just the right design. I finally settled on a circular pattern. But here's the kicker- my circles are made up of wavy, snake-like lines! Ah! A lightbulb moment!

Of course, making my fabric requires cleaning off a table. So now I'm back to the pile. Sigh.

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Chrysalis said...

Man you are living my life. This is excatly how I feel right now. My house seems to be reproducing things on it's own! to spite me!!!