Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No, I Ain't Done Yet

Kevin came home last night in rather pitiful mood because men are babies when they're sick because he hasn't felt well for a week. He has taken up most of my time, so no, my project is still incomplete, and I will be postponing the quilting project yet again. Sigh. But my doctor visit went well and my Etsy shop is seeing more traffic. Yay!

At long last, here is the dragon magick post:
I love dragons! They are real, but I think they are astral creatures. Dragons are found all over the world, in most cultures. I like Chinese dragons, and sea dragons, but I especially love the big, Western, fire-breathers. I think all dragons should have horns, wings, claws, and treasure. One of my favorite witchy items is The Dragon Tarot.  This deck really speaks to me. I read the cards at least once a month.

I have dragons all over the house, in the kitchen, on the living room walls, tucked into bookshelves, and often, in my pocket. This last one is the subject of today's post. I call him 'My Little Friend' because he has yet to tell me his name. That is normal dragon behavior- you really have to earn their trust. My Little Friend declined to be photographed. Maybe next time.

I started doing dragon magick several years ago when I read D.J. Conway's Dancing With Dragons. This is an excellent book for learning the basics and to have a good starting point. The sequel is Mystical Dragon Magick. It gives a more in-depth look at dragon magick. What you need to know about dragons is they work with people in different ways. After you show an interest, the dragons will teach you how to work with them in your own way.

I started seeing dragons everywhere- figurines, books, movies, clouds in the shape of dragons, shadows like tails, flashes of light in my peripheral vision, and dreams of dragons. People gave me dragons for birthdays and Christmas. Some of these dragons seemed to be alive, like they only stopped moving when I looked directly at them. I realized this was how dragons communicated with me and showed themselves in a form I could understand. I keep a sea dragon in the kitchen. Every morning I touch one of his claws and ask the dragons to protect me. Sometimes I sense a response. Sometimes he tells me I can handle it myself. Dragons always step back and let you learn your lessons. Dragons present challenges so you can learn and grow. Dragon magick is hard. They do not hold back and they are brutally honest.

I met My Little Friend at Air Witch's house. He was sitting on her altar, under the crystal ball. I admired him and she told me to take him home. I had good luck for the rest of the day. Dragons are very beneficial.

I gave My Little Friend a crystal I found on the Tallapoosa River. This is his 'food'. Each day the crystal absorbs sunlight through the window. At night, I place him on or near the crystal and he 'drinks' in energy. Once, I gave him an amethyst. He didn't like it, but I didn't listen. The next morning he seemed drunk. He wasn't responsive to me for days. He was totally miffed. Always listen to your dragon!

Sometimes I take My Little Friend out of my pocket and tell him my problems. Several solutions will come to me. He helps me think and gives me perspective. He is also very protective. My workplace is rife with office politics. There are some people who make me cringe. Every time I see these people, I'll touch My Little Friend and say, 'Enemy!' Then suddenly they become very busy with problem after problem, so busy that they stay away from me all day. Good dragon!

If you want to work with dragons, you must first think about what kind of dragon you like. Fire? Earth? Storm? Gold? Silver? Wise? Crafty? Celtic? Chinese? Fairy? You may find dragons you aren't fond of vying for you attention. This means the dragons are challenging you to expand your mind. After you overcome an obstacle you can expect another and another until you ask for a break. Remember, this isn't easy and often the truth hurts. Dragons think the worst dishonesty is lying to yourself and they will work tirelessly to make you face yourself- warts and all.

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Jeanne said...

Great post! Thanks so much for sharing Dragon Magick with us. :0)
I have encountered Dragons periodically throughout my Life and have always given them a place near one of my crystals. I think I shall go unpack one of two.....