Monday, January 10, 2011

Newest Member of the Pack

This is Charlene, a chocolate lab. Her owners moved away and left her. I rescued Charlene Saturday night and I'm really glad I got her before the ice hit. She is a little on the thin side as she had been on her own for nearly two weeks. She is a very sweet and well-mannered dog. We are trying to convince Kevin's father to take her. His dog Charley died a few months ago and he is heartbroken about it. He says he doesn't want another dog, but we think after he meets Charlene he'll love her. Charlene appears to be purebred. She is probably less than a year old. The only medical problem I have noticed is her eyes are runny. I think she has a bit of a cold, but I believe the problem will go now that she's getting regular meals and staying in a warm house. I can't believe people abandon dogs.

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