Friday, January 14, 2011

How Does Your Witchery Grow?

I believe in vampires. Not the blood sucking kind, and I'm sorry, but the sparkling ones are just silly. I believe in psychic vampires, the people who drain the energy from you for their own twisted gain. Some people are natural psychic vampires who use the energy of others to boost their low self-esteem. They feel good when you feel down. Think a really dark 'frienemy' But some psychic vampires know what they are doing and they don't mind hurting you. I once dated a guy who was in the vampire subculture and it (and him) was just freaky. He didn't have a very good gripe on reality. When I was dating him, I drove a red Nissan pick-up with a tape deck. I had made a tape of my favorite songs and on the tape was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Don't Come Around Here. Every single time I went to the vamp's house, that song would be playing. I tried rewinding, fast-forward, and listening to the radio instead, but somehow I always heard the song. One day I took the tape out, turned the radio off, and drove in silence. When I got to his house that song was playing on his stereo. I also believe in signs and omens.

I believe in dragons. Not as real, live animals, but as astral beings who can visit this world. I've seen a few dragons. They like to disguise themselves as every day objects so most people never notice. But if you do dragon magic you will notice and after you notice you can't unsee them. They're sort of like children's picture puzzles with hidden shapes.

I believe in ghosts. I'm not sure about werewolves. I suppose it is possible, but I've never met one. Anybody can learn to shift their astral body into an animal though I rarely do it. I prefer my shape. But it is a fun thing to do late at night.

I strongly believe in circles. I love fairy rings and standing stones. I do rituals in cast circles. Sometimes I sleep in a cast circle and wake feeling very well. I protect with circles and I banish with circles. Circles are awesome.

I work with stones. I love rocks. I like fire, too, but I don't work with it much for safety reasons. Yes, I scorched my altar once. Burned a CIRCLE on one corner. I'm not much on water unless it's a living body like a river. Calling the winds is another fun thing to do. I'm pretty good with weather magicks, but I don't do it much because I worry about upsetting the natural balance.

I use herbs more and more. I couldn't when I first started because I had no way to store them. I started with spices I bought at Big Lots. I still believe that's a great way to learn herb magick. I don't want to accidentally make anyone ill, so I don't store poisonous plants and I almost never use them in magick. When I do, I have a separate mortar and pedestal that's black. My every day food mortar and pedestal is white.

When I work with trees I try to be nice to the tree. I introduce myself and bring it an offering. I pick up trash and remove nail from the trunk or prune limbs to help it grow. Always push the limb's aura back into the tree before making a cut. Explain to the tree what you are doing and why. If you feel negative energy, you do not have the tree's permission. Leave it alone. Always keep your promises to a tree. Trees have been much abused by humans and the one of the greatest works a witch can do is protect trees.

I believe all gods are one god. I think god is too big for the human mind so we break it into parts we can understand. I usually just call the Lord and Lady. I only call certain goddess when I have a problem I think one goddess in particular could help me. I call Oya when I go to cemeteries and Brighid for creativity.

I don't deliberately mess with people's lives. That's wrong. But if you start messing with me, you deserve whatever you get.

I believe when trouble arises the best thing you can do is clean your house. Clutter attracts negative energy that chokes your life. Usually if I empty the trash and burn some incense I begin to see ways out of a problem.

Witches traditionally have a negative stereotype. The best way to overcome it, is to be kind to all, mind your manners, help whenever you can, and be true to yourself.

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Jeanne said...

Great post! I'd love to hear more about your Dragon Magic.....