Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cold Moon Esbat

Today is the full moon and tonight, no matter how cold it may be, I would like for you to stand outside under the full moon. Yes, I know it is freezing out (hence the name) but you don't have to stay outside very long. Just for a minute or two, feel the light of the moon. Feel the power of the Goddess. Each full moon has a different kind of energy. Tomorrow, we'll compare notes. The cold moon is about planning, letting go of the past (it's still the new year), and spending time with family. Esbats are about pleasure, so tonight would be a good night to stay in and watch a movie. Sleep well tonight, tomorrow is a good time to put plans into action.

I would like to have full moon rituals. Leave a comment, tell me if you're interested, what you would like, and next full moon we'll have a ritual everyone can participate in.

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