Sunday, January 2, 2011

Before We Begin

I said every week we would have a sewing project. But it occurs to me some of you might need time to prepare. If you're like me, your sewing table is groaning under the weight of unfinished projects. Go clean it off. Don't swear you'll finish all this stuff and for god's sake, don't try to organize it. Just clear off some table space.

I'm going to give you the list of planned blocks/projects so you can start thinking about color, thread, fabric, yarn, etc. But I must warn you- the list is subject to change at any time. Also, I thought about a new project every week, but then I remembered life happens. People get sick, the budget is tight, time runs out. So every once in a while we'll take a week off. I don't know when and where these weeks will be.

A Year of Stitches- Quilt Blocks & Plastic Canvas Projects

Quilt Block                                                                Plastic Canvas

1. Churn dash                                                             pine tree

2. Bear paw                                                                Irish Chain

3. H Square                                                                 North Wind

4. Drunkard’s Path                                                     Greek Key

5. Wheels of Mystery                                                Attic Windows

6. Tea leaf                                                                   Magic Carpet

7. Mariner’s Compass                                                 Log Cabin

8. Spool                                                                       trip around the world

9. Tumbling blocks                                                      Amish whirl

10 heart 'n' hand                                                           checkerboard

11. Hummingbird                                                         winding blade

12. Witches’ star

13. Spider’s web                                                           dragon

14. Sunburst

Yeah, there's some gaps on the plastic canvas side as we get towards the bottom. I ran out of ideas, ok? It was harder than I thought to come up with a list. And some of the plastic canvas patterns are really quilt blocks. I'm sorry, but I can't bring myself to make tissue box covers (shudder)
My idea was to make individual blocks that could either be turned into pillows and tote bags, or sewn together at the end to make a quilt. The plastic canvas will either be fridge magnets, boxes, journal covers, or art in it's own right. And I should mention I don't plan on piecing all the blocks. I want to cover traditional piecing, applique, paper-piecing, embroidery, and some will be painted onto fabric. I don't like doing something the same way every time.
So go think, plan, clean, and get ready. We will be starting on Sunday, January 9.

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