Friday, December 31, 2010

The Wheel In the Sky Keeps On Turning

For the New Year we will be manifesting things. If you would like to follow along with me, find a nice rock. It can be any size, shape, type, or color, but as you will be handling it a lot I suggest it be one you can hold in your hand. A big rock won't do unless you have unrestricted access to it 24/7, meaning that big honking rock the size of a bus down by the river won't do. At the end of 2011 we will be releasing the rock back to nature so it would also be unwise to pick a valuable stone. My stone is a piece of quartz I found on Lake Martin.

You might also want to gather several small stones you don't like for banishing. You'll be throwing these, so again, not too large. Pebbles will be fine.

And a notebook would be handy for writing down what you want and for tracking how your manifestations appeared.

At each full moon (esbath) and on each Sabbath I will be writing about what these times mean to me, how I celebrate, and the kind of magick I do. But here's an overview-

To me the New Year begins on Halloween. From Halloween to New Year's Eve is a between time. It's the New Year, but the Old Year is still here. I'm winding up projects, letting go of things I don't need, and planning ahead. New Year is a starting point, sort of like studying for months for a test like the ACT or SAT that begins at 9am.

Imbolc is the holiday I understand the least. My friend describes it as the quickening in the womb. I've never been pregnant so I don't know how this feels. I suppose it's supposed to be about knowing Spring is on the way. I use it as an evaluation point. I refine my New Year's goals on Imbolc.

Spring Equinox I love. I always have an egg tree. Before becoming diabetic I would bake cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I would have coffee and cinny rolls with Kevin then cover a tree in the front yard with plastic eggs. I leave my eggs up until Easter. I started a trend in my old neighborhood. I usually plant something at this time.

Beltaine is the opposite of Halloween and for me it's a time of Thanksgiving- I celebrate life and I'm thankful for the way I live. I don't do much in the way of celebrating because by this time of year in the south it is freakin' hot!

Summer Solstice is a wonderful, lazy time. The day seems to last forever. I usually do spells and spend the day with friends.

Lammas is another holiday I don't really get, mainly because I've never gotten to celebrate it. When I first started as a witch, my friend I did rituals with had 4 children. The first of August was one daughter's birthday and school was starting. She was always too busy and we skipped Lammas every time. Lammas is the first harvest holiday. I always think of sunflowers but in reality the summer sun has baked everything to death.

Mabon is wonderful. It's a little cooler but not too cold. I celebrate alone and feel proud of my accomplishments. I feel excited about what's coming...

Halloween! Ooooooh- my favorite! Halloween is fun and spooky, happy and scary and strange. This is the only holiday in the US that allows children to be themselves. I think that's why so many adults go all out for it- we don't have enough enjoyment in our lives.

Last comes Yule. I have mixed feelings about Yule. Yule and Christmas usually get tangled up like x-mas lights and I no longer bother trying to keep them separate. I hate the commericalism and shopping, but I love the tree!

I add two more holidays to my wheel- New Year's, which I see as a time of reflection and personal growth, and my birthday, January 7. Your birthday is your most powerful day. All the planets are back in the position as when you were born. You can tap this energy and do anything. This is the one day when the Universe is guaranteed to work with you.

So that's how my Wheel turns. This weekend I'll start my garden- very excited about that!

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Chrysalis said...

I have the same problem with Imbolc. Not only does it kind of "escape" me in terms of meaning, but it doesn't feel personal. I haven't been able to tap the energy yet. I *have* been pregnant and the whole "quickening" thing still doesn't resonate. LOL! So, every year, I pick a different way to observe and try it out.