Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Season of Wishes

"I want peace on Earth and good will towards men."

"We're the United States Government. We don't do that sort of thing."

Which I think is rather sad. BTW, the above quote is from the movie 'Sneakers' with Robert Redford.

Yule is Tuesday. There is also a lunar eclipse. It is a GREAT time to do magick of any kind.

I've been thinking about what to do. I have lots and lots of wishes. There is much I want. But since Yule is going to be such a powerful time, I feel like I should ask for the best possible thing. And probably it would be unwise to waste that power on something selfish.

I decided I am going to fix the world.

I'm not asking for peace on Earth and good will towards men, although those are great things, I'm asking that every soul on this planet has an improved existence.

I'm asking that Americans eat better food, and not processed, chemical laden junk. For that matter, I would like us all to have less chemicals in this world, and less plastic. As a first step, I am going to throw out all my plastic food containers and replace them with glass. Now I realize I cannot be completely free of plastic. In order to have a good seal on my glass bowls, they will need plastic lids. That's fine. I said an improved existence, and improvement generally comes in small steps.

I'm asking for endangered species to make a comeback. I want the ice caps to stop melting. I want there to be places on this earth that are completely wild. I want the rain forests to live for another 10,000 years. I want deserts to be sandy places of clean air and not locations for nuclear bomb testing. I would like children to be able to play on any beach and not encounter toxic waste.

Everyone is worried about our fuel supply running out. How about we just use less? How about on Yule we turn off all the damn lights and let go of our fear of darkness? What if instead of making a special trip to the store, we stop after work for milk?

And let's use a little less water. Kevin and I shower together. Eco-friendly and romantic. Promise me you won't buy a single bottle of water in 2011. The water in your tap is probably safer to drink, so fill up a couple of containers and let that be it.

Shop a little wiser. Actually, I want you to shop a lot less. Buy only what you need. Buy hand-made whenever you can. Buy from local stores. If you buy something made in China it better be something extra special that ONLY comes from China. In other words, a rarity and not cheap plastic junk.

Try growing your own food or making your own clothes. Save your money and plan for the future. Adopt a pet from a shelter. Be a responsible person, admit when you are wrong, and clean up after yourself.

Try cleaning up your city, too. Walk down the road and pick up trash. Stop when the bag is full. Look at that bag and know you made a visible difference. Then fill up another bag. Don't be discouraged if you fill up a whole box of trash bags. Ask your neighbors for help and get to know the people who live next door. Shame on you if you don't know their names. Community begins with you.

This Yule go outside in the dark with a white candle. Light the candle and see the Earth green and growing. See the planet whole and golden. Heal Earth and all her people.

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