Saturday, December 25, 2010


We have a Charlie Brown Tree this year. One string of lights was all it would hold. Last year the only nice tree we could find was HUGE so we cut the top out thinking we got about a 4 foot tree. It wouldn't fit in the house and we had to cut another foot off the bottom. My fathers says trees grow really, really fast as you bring them in. I went to the dollar store three times before I had enough lights to cover the monster. I felt relieved at having more than enough decorations this year. There's something charming about a little tree.

I put our tree up a week ago. It's live, and I'm not one who lives for Christmas. I would go insane if I had a tree up from the day after Thanksgiving until January. Before I got the tree, I read about the Christmas tree being a symbol of the World Tree. I thought about decorations carefully- what do I want to find on my path as I climb the World Tree? I finally decided I wanted a simple life and a well lit path. I need a star to guide me and the occasional gift from the Universe. All that's on my tree are lights, a star, and present ornaments. These are also the type of ornaments usually found on my parents' tree. I'm having a nostalgic Christmas.

I've been broke this month. Kevin has been pressed for time. On Yule I gave Kevin one present (b/c I bought it months ago) and asked if we could celebrate Christmas on my birthday. He agreed and last night he came in with presents! Aaaarrrrrggghhhhh! He gave me flannel pj's (he thinks flannel is sexy), bath oil, and a shirt which is nearly identical to the one the lioness gave me. Funny how a shirt from a girlfriend is too revealing but the same cut of shirt is okay from a husband.

This is the time of year I call the Sleep. Finally the mad running and spending is over. The gifts are open, the food is eaten, the decorating is done, and the money is gone. There's nothing left to do but rest and sleep. In an ideal world, I could spend a week or so resting. In reality I go back to work on Monday. I worked Friday because I need the money, and I was bored out of my skull. No one was there. Why couldn't we close the plant? I really, really hate my job.

I've added to my Etsy shop, and I tried adding to my Zazzle shop, but their website simply refuses to cooperate. I've got a lot of ideas, it's now a matter of finding the time to create. My sewing room is a mess as usual. I say I'm working though the pile, but I think the pile is working me!

In January I will be adding something new to the blog, a weekly sewing project. Each week will either be a quilt block or a plastic canvas piece. I've been waiting for plastic canvas to go retro hip like knitting or crochet. I decided it wasn't going to happen without a little help from me. So forget tissue box covers and expect some art in yarn fibers.

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