Saturday, November 6, 2010

You Can't Kill That Bug?

I like strong, rugged, manly men. When Lord of the Rings came out, I had no use that girly looking elf. I have a problem with a man being prettier than me. I was all over Aragorn with his sweaty, dirty, sword-welding self. Sigh. (heart flutters)

Kevin is very strong with rough hands and scars and stubble. (heart flutters again) And I so did not know he is scared of bugs.

It's finally gotten cold here, so I brought in my outdoor potted plants. Last night, a pray mantis came in too. At supper, it climbed up Kevin's chair. I said, 'Hey, kill that big bug.' I was expecting Kevin to just slap it dead, but instead he stayed as far out of reach as possible and gently pushed it back into my zinnias with the potato chip bag.

I thought it was hysterical and I started picking on him. He told me praying mantises are POISONOUS. I laughed harder. We had an argument which resulted in an Internet search. We learned the whole death-spit thing was a MYTH and they can't really hurt you, so I laughed some more. Kevin is not amused.


Chrysalis said...

I LOVED the girly looking elf!!! LOL! I hate bugs, too, especially spiders. The internet is not your friend when you are scared of spiders! I learned that the hard way!

Grey Catsidhe said...

I love my rugged manly man too. :D Give me a viking!