Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Goal

Before I became diabetic I always said I was going to live to be 100. Since Halloween deals with the other side, I thought now would be a good time to determine if 100 is a good goal. After much thought I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to live to be 103.

Today's card- porcupine.
Now for today's witchy tip-
Broom Magick

The veil between the worlds are thin now. Ghosts can be more readily seen. Things that normally can’t cross into our world can now pass with ease. Fear and doubt can become living things. Lots of strange things happen in the fall that defy explanation. For this reason I sweep negative energy from the house each day.

As you can see, I have a special broom for this task. It’s really a Halloween decoration and it cost me about $2. I bought my broom several years ago and the main reason for the purchase was the purple ribbon. But it is a Real Witch’s Broom because I use it as such. I cleansed and blessed my broom, and the ONLY thing I use it for is the removal of negative energy. There was originally nothing special about the broom, the Magick it welds comes from me. Now it is magickal in it’s own right because each time I use the broom some of my magick stays with it. It is a powerful tool because that is how I treat it. People who come to my house are afraid to touch my broom because it has an otherworldly essence.

To make your own witch broom, you first need a brand new broom that has never been used. It can be any kind you like, but I personally feel one made of natural materials work best. The broom must be cleansed with incense smoke. Light a stick and let the whole broom from handle to bristles pass through the smoke three times. Take the broom outside at noon and point it at the sun. Ask the sun to fill the broom with light. At night point the broom at the moon and ask the moon to fill the broom with power.

Now the broom must hang in a special place and it can never be used for mundane cleaning. If you like, once a moon you can lightly spray with bristles with salt water to keep them stiff. You can also decorate your broom with ribbons, feathers, or charms if you think that will help to make it more powerful. Choose your additions carefully and do not add anything just for show.

To use the broom hold it over your head and announce your intentions- to purify your home. Make wide sweeping motions in the air. With each sweep see white light following the broom. Sweep the air in each room making sure that the broom does not actually come in contact with anything. Pay special attention to the space in doorways, and in front of windows and mirrors. These are all ‘between places’ that can act as portals to the otherworld.

Your broom can also guard your home if you place it across the threshold. It can prevent nightmares if placed under the bed. If you wish to communicate with the fae, look for a mist surrounding the bristles. This means your message has been received. Should the broom ever fall to the floor, a visitor is coming. This does not always mean that the visitor is nice, so be alert.

Use your broom once a month to keep your home peaceful, more during times of stress, when the veil is thin, or if your household has experienced much sickness or disagreements. It can also sweep away problems, but this must be done diligently every day until the desired outcome is reached.

Tomorrow's post- the Dumb Supper.

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