Friday, October 1, 2010

Eeek! Witches, Ghosts, & Spells! Oh My!

Today is the first day of my favorite month- October. And it falls on a Friday, meaning I have the whole weekend to transform my house. Oh joy and happiness!

The first weekend of October is when I get out my decorations. I have hand made ghosts to hang in the trees. I have a skeleton to grace my front door. I have a giant spider web, lots of pumpkins, and a witch's boot. I have more Halloween decorations than Christmas.

Since this month features the Big Holiday, I think I'll post a spell or witchy tip every day. Today's tip- buy a new broom. Brooms need to be replaced once a year even if they are just regular household brooms. Never ever carry a broom with you when you move to a new house or you will carry your old troubles and bad luck with you. For that matter, I always replace my mop and trash cans too. And I throw these things out, I never leave trash in my old house because it annoys me when I have to clean up someone else's mess.

Today's card is humming bird which reminds me, I've got to take down their feeder for the winter.

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