Friday, October 22, 2010

Done With That

Yesterday I called the diabetic supply people who informed me my next shipment would go out 'any day now' When I mentioned the second week of October there was a slight pause and the representative asked if I needed my strips. 'Well, YEAH. That's why I'm calling.' She put me on hold, came right back and said the person she needed to speak to was on the phone and she'd have to call me back. Annoyed, I hung up.

The supply company called me today. They're not shipping me anything because my strips are too expensive. Supposedly, blue cross won't cover the full cost which I think is bullshit because they reimburse me 100% when I buy the strips myself. I got annoyed again and canceled my account. Then I called blue cross and said 'stop payment.' I feel better now. Oh, and btw, blue cross was totally helpful.

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