Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today's card is Bison. Recognize the riches of the past and the abundance of the present.
To me this card is about cycles and circles. The future can't be built without the past. All our actions are constantly sowing the seeds of what is to come. When the future becomes the present it has echos of the past. We tend to not like our pasts and thus are rarely happy with the present- we remember the echos and do not like them. Rarely are we happy with how events play out.
I also think the bison is about home. I think it teaches us how to be happy in the life role we have been given. Bison is about using the past as a guide for the future. It teaches us how to carry good traditions forward so that nothing is lost.
Today is September 1st, what most people consider the first fall month and in the fall people tend to look back. This year I've done something I've never done before- I planted a fall garden. I've always been taught spring is the only time to plant. Suddenly I realized that is false. Mother Nature has plants growing year round. Of course I can have a fall garden!
Look forward today. The future is coming.

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