Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Proof of Our Love in Bread & Soap

Kevin doesn't like wheat bread. I eat it for the low carbs. I think it is dumb to buy two different loaves of bread. So I just buy wheat and Kevin doesn't say anything.

I like that brand name soap which is 1/4 moisturizer. Kevin is prone to infections so he needs an antibacterial soap. Again, it's dumb to buy 2 different brands. I use his soap and I don't complain.

Love is revealing ourselves slowly and all our little quirks are what endear us to each other. Love is being willing to make small sacrifices for the other person's health/happiness/needs. Love is being able to do these small things without informing the other person which is why they sometimes go unnoticed. But I do notice and I will not forget. That is why I told him so yesterday. And today I am making him a pie. Because it seems to me Kevin makes more sacrifices than I do.

Today's card is scarab beetle. Scarab is a creation animal. If there's something you want to make today would be the day to start.

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