Monday, September 6, 2010


What you're seeing is my sewing room closet. Notice how it is packed full. Mind you, this is only half. I'm afraid to open the other side because things might fall out. Oh, and my mom made the stuffed fish on the wall when I was in first grade. We read a story about a magic fish (it may have been something out of 1001 Arabian Nights) and I had to bring in a fish. That's all I remember. The fish is named Smoky and he is just one indication of how long I keep things. All those boxes? Unfinished projects. Some have been unfinished for years. I have kept them in 3 different houses. Occassionally I run out of good ideas so I open a box. Sometimes I find something to work with. Sometimes I have to revamp it. Sometimes it's just junk and I toss the contents, but keep the box. Those flat boxes are darn useful. And I have more unfinished projects on my sewing table. Every once in a while I become deluded into thinking that I can use my sewing table as a work space and not a storage space. I will clean it off, shove fabric wherever and spread out what I'm currently working on. But since I tend to have several projects in various stages of completion it's not long before I'm right back where I started. At the bottom of the closet, that you probably can't make out, is my dye studio. I cleaned off a shelf, got 3 plastic containers with lids, and now it's a dye studio. Okay, okay. It's one shelf in a fabric closet. I work with what I've got. All I needed was space where dye baths would be undisturbed. The containers have lids because Kevin told me my dyes stink. I dye when he is at work. That doesn't give me much time, but I don't have much space anyway. The top part of the shelf is Etsy shop stock. Right beside my Etsy stuff are Kevin's hunting clothes. For some reason he thinks I don't use this closet.

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