Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Saturday Morning toYou

My morning has been very productive. It's Kevin's weekend to work so I got up when he did to make coffee, feed the dogs, and pack his lunch. I also started the laundry and now I'm on my second load. I've washed most of the dishes (I never seem to get them all in one go) and I've listed more of my wares on Etsy. I've mended some of Kevin's clothes and made the bed. I've had breakfast and tested my sugar which was high but acceptable. Next I plan to work on the quilt 'that looks like art' and then I'll water my garden and deadhead my zinnias.

My landlord had never heard of a white oak runner snake so I tried to find a picture. I haven't found a picture yet, but I did find an article stating white oak runners may be a subspecies of copperheads. This would explain why they are considered venomous yet are never listed in any field guide. I searched google images for copperheads and discovered they come in far more colors than I thought including white and gray.

Today's card is bat. 'You have the power to transcend failure and move into a limitless future' I really like bats and consider them lucky. I always feel like good things are headed my way when I draw this card. Plus bats are so ugly they're cute.

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