Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ghostly Activity

I kept having low sugars yesterday so I went to bed early. Kevin was outside working on his truck. Several times I heard foot steps and felt a presence in the room. Then I'd hear Kevin outside. I'd look up but no one was in the room.

Today's card is Eagle. Just to recap, our cards have been fox, red squirrel, spider, deer, mountain goat, dolphin, crocodile, butterfly, sloth, octopus, rhinoceros, and bison. 40 more to go unless I've miscounted. The cards tend to stick together.

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FreeDragon said...

I should mention that this morning I asked Kevin if he came in. He said no. Then he asked if I got up. I said no. He said he heard foot steps and someone talking. I asked if he left the tv on. He said no, never turned it on. I said maybe the dogs were walking around and he told me the dogs were outside with him the whole time.