Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Drug Addicts Have Ruined it for Everybody

It's another super-busy day and I don't have much time to talk. Yesterday I didn't even get in here, so I owe you 2 cards- water buffalo and panda. Seemingly at odds, I have decided this pair means forcifully reclaim your sacred space. Then enjoy it.

My whole problem right now are diabetic testing strips. No one on the planet can use the strips except diabetics. There is absolutly nothing in the strip that can hurt you, even if you eat them. Heck, you can probably eat a vial full and while it might be unpleasant coming out, it won't hurt you. I need a PERSCRIPTION to get strips.

I understand needing an Rx for insulin, as that could kill someone. I even understand making people ask for needles (though this annoys me b/c I just want to be able to take my insulin) But I do not understand the strip thing.

A diabetic supply company sent me 2 different kinds of strips. Same brand. One will not work in my meter. I blame the meter company because this is probably an evil plot to make people buy new meters every couple of years.

The supply people tell me to send the strips back so I can get the right ones. Do you know what the post office said? They can't overnight my package. Because (wait for it....) the computer says no. Did I mention I am in Alabama and I am trying to send the package overnight to Florida. At 8:30am. I could understand not being able to overnight to CA or if I had waited until 3pm. But I am not understanding how the post office can't deliver overnight to a place I can drive to in 8-10 hours.

I only have a few correct strips left and I am afraid I will run out before the new ones arrive. I had to take off work to go to the post office which annoyed my boss greatly, and now it looks like I will be taking off again to beg strips from either the doctor or the diabetic center. Failing that, I'll have to buy some. A Rx is about $100 for a one month supply, but the dr. always writes it for 3 months. (Another evil plot, I'm sure.)   I have delayed buying propane because I might have to buy strips. I hope it doesn't suddenly turn cold or I will be screwed.


Wide Lawns said...

That sucks! How come I can get strips at my Walgreens without a prescription? Do you want me to get you some and send them? They're expensive as hell, but no one questions my buying them at all. Do you use a special kind that the insurance covers maybe?

FreeDragon said...

I'm using the OneTouch brand. As far as I know, there is nothing special about them. I also use CVS. That may or may not be a factor. My insurance covers 100%, the catch is I buy them and THEN I get reimbuirsed. The whole reason I signed up with the diabetic supply company was to get regular shipments without having to call the dr or wait for a check. Really, this is my fault because I should have tried the strips when I first got the shipment. I just thought since they were the same brand they would work. It could just be Alabama is the capitol of Red Tape Country.